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Slingshot rental agreement

  • Slingshot are supposed to be on PAVED ROADS ONLY, not driven on any dirt roads or unpaved roads, AND THEY ARE NOT TO BE TAKEN BACK TO THE CABIN.  These machines are tracked and there will be a fine if you damage them.
  • Cancellation Policy: Reservations must be cancelled 5 days before your 1st rental day.  Failure to contact us by email or by phone will result in the full charge of the credit/debit card on file.  Voicemails will not be accepted for cancellations, no exceptions.  If you have any further questions please contact us.
  • We Do Not Accept Cash.
  • Must have Personal Auto Insurance in case of accident that is your fault.
  • All rentals must be back by designated am/pm on the scheduled day of return, or or please charge my card on file for $50.00 for ever 30 minutes I am late.
  • I break it or lose it, I replace it or buy it!  I am personally held accountable for any damage, missing, refueling, cleaning, or abuse to the vehicle.  Any fees or charges will be applied to the credit card on file, submitted to my insurance company, or collected through the McCurtain County Court system.
  • I agree that slingshots are to be on “hard pavement only” these are NOT intended to be driven off road.
  • The units have GPS trackers on them.  If you are caught speeding (5 miles over the speed limit) we receive a notification.  If we receive a notification you will owe us $20.00 for EVERY Notification when you return the units.
  • The slingshots are full of gas, I agree to top off the gas before I return, or please charge my credit card on file a service charge of $50.00
  • We allow a generous 100 miles of the first 2 hours and then 100 miles for every 2 hours after up to 400 miles for an 8 hour rental. All miles over will be charged $0.25per mile.
  • Absolutely NO Animals, NO smoking NO drinking during your rental.  Any evidence will result in a $250.00 FEE.
  • If I didn’t follow the rules and got stuck, I have to first contact the owners then I will arrange and pay ESKEW TOWING 580-236-1535 for towing service.
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