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Answers To Most Common Questions, If You Have A Question, Just Contact Us, We Will Be Happy To Help

Do I need a motorcycle license to drive a Slingshot?

Nope!  All you need is a valid driver’s license.  The Slingshot is classified as an Auto-Cycle,

How many miles can I go without being charged extra?

You can drive as much as you want.  The miles are unlimited.

Do I need to fill the gas tank up when returning the Slingshot?

Yes, we want you to spend your time riding and having fun cruising on the road, so you will start off with a full tank, but we ask that you fill up when you bring it back to us.

What are your rental requirements? And what’s the deal with the insurance?

Our vehicles are available to drivers 25 and older.  All renters are required to have Personal Auto Insurance. 



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